Counselling & Resources


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At the Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre, we think being a member of trans and gender diverse communities is something to celebrate and be proud of. We also know that our communities have to deal with a lot of oppression. Whatever challenges you face, we have a team of registered clinical counselors who can help you stay resilient.

At every clinic we offer counselling appointments on a drop-in basis. These visits are an opportunity for trans and gender diverse people to access immediate support, resources, and referrals to other services. Appointments are made with the receptionist at the front desk on a first-come, first-served basis. Check the clinic website ( under Upcoming Clinics) to confirm that the drop-in counselor will be available at the clinic you wish to attend.

Several of our counselors identify as members of trans or gender diverse communities. All of our counselors strive to be strong allies. They have experience supporting people with a range of concerns including anxiety, depression, dysphoria, relationship difficulties, and transitioning. Please note that we do not offer long-term trauma therapy, but can make referrals. Whatever challenges you face, we have a team of registered clinical counselors and social workers who can help you stay resilient.

And don’t forget, CWHWC also offers a host of other wellness services, such as occupational therapy, community kitchens, and medical services!


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