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At the CWHWC, we aim to

provide low-barrier wellness services to trans and gender diverse people in a way that is respectful and celebratory of clients’ identity and self-expression.

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At the Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre, our volunteer staff provides...

Primary Health Care & Occupational Therapy

Including: pre- and post-op support, hormone support, mental health support, hormone injection equipment, pelvic exams, chest exams, STI/HIV/Hep C screening, and nutrition support.

Nutritionist & Community Kitchen

A community kitchen is a place to cook, socialize, and eat together! Our 3rd one will take place on May 25 at 4:30. Offered in partnership with Saige Community Food Bank.

Counselling, Resources, & Legal Support

Supportive counselling geared for people who could not otherwise afford it. 1-1 legal advice from a lawyer.

Our Blog

CWHWC Seeks Volunteer Counsellors

The Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre (CWHWC) is a holistic health care centre serving transgender and gender-diverse communities. It operates on a volunteer basis and works within an anti-oppressive social […]

Phasing Out Medical Services at CWHWC

For a short, easy to read post with the same info, please click here.
Dear Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre (CWHWC) community members,
At the CWHWC, we are now in our fifth […]

2017 Clinic Dates

CWHWC will continue to operate on the second Sunday and fourth Monday of each month in 2017. However, when these dates fall on a long weekend, we moved the date. Confused? Us […]


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